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Stay active. Stay Independent. Stay home! We are a in home health care agency specializing not just in health care, we do errands, light cleaning, light cooking, companionship, and other services on a case-by-case basis. We have a wide range of professionals from Doctors and Physical Therapists, RNS, LPNS, Aides and Companions. We can help with total assistance, independent living, or home medical cases. We have extremely thorough background checks deep into what an applicant values through references and national databases. We are licensed through New York State and offer up to the highest level of care. Our home care employment agency is not just efficiently run for our clients, but extremely affordable for our everyday person. Help at Your Home, LLC is affordable every day and helpful in every way.


Established in 2016

The owners of the company are long term health care professionals who saw a need for more affordable in-home care for families. We saw other agencies charging an arm and a leg and then paying their workers close to minimum wage to break their backs .... we thought there had to be a better way. So, we designed our business model to charge HALF of our competition in order to serve our community. We only charge bare minimum prices and out of our hourly rate, only 10% goes to our business, the rest goes to the workers who deserve it! The other need we saw was unqualified and unchecked individuals coming into homes ... and for us this is unacceptable. We thoroughly vet our workers. They must have impeccable references who can vouch for their deeply rooted values in compassion, integrity, and serving others. As well as, verification on their skill and a nationally performed background check. We have a range of applicants for each of our clients from doctors and physical therapists, RNs, LPNs, Aides and Companions.

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